Polished Rainbow PVD Finish vs Matte Rainbow PVD Finish

In the world of coatings and finishes, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) has made significant strides. Among its myriad of finishes, the rainbow PVD stands out due to its unique multi-color appearance, reminiscent of the colors one would see in an oil spill on water or a rainbow in the sky. This iridescent finish is available in both polished and matte variations, each offering its own set of aesthetic and functional properties. This article aims to compare and contrast the polished rainbow PVD finish against the matte version, to aid in the decision-making process for potential users.

1. Appearance:

  • Polished Rainbow PVD: As the name suggests, the polished rainbow PVD has a glossy and shiny finish. The colors pop more vibrantly due to the reflection of light, making each hue more noticeable. This results in a more dramatic and showy appearance, perfect for pieces that aim to stand out.
  • Matte Rainbow PVD: The matte finish, on the other hand, is more subdued. It offers a diffused appearance to the rainbow colors, giving a more understated and sophisticated look. It’s the choice for those seeking a more minimalistic appearance while still enjoying the multi-color effect.

2. Maintenance & Durability:

  • Polished Rainbow PVD: The glossy surface can showcase fingerprints, smudges, and minor scratches more prominently. While PVD itself is a durable process, the polished finish might require more frequent cleaning to maintain its shine and luster.
  • Matte Rainbow PVD: Matte finishes, in general, are better at hiding minor imperfections, fingerprints, and smudges. It tends to be more forgiving in daily use and requires less frequent cleaning compared to its polished counterpart.

3. Applications:

  • Polished Rainbow PVD: Owing to its flashy and eye-catching nature, polished rainbow PVD is often chosen for jewelry, decorative items, fashion accessories, and any application where an aesthetic statement is desired.
  • Matte Rainbow PVD: With its muted elegance, matte rainbow PVD is a favorite for architectural hardware, tools, and more utilitarian items that require a blend of form and function.

4. Texture & Feel:

  • Polished Rainbow PVD: It has a smooth and slick feel to the touch, consistent with its glossy appearance.
  • Matte Rainbow PVD: It offers a slightly textured and more tactile experience. This can provide a better grip in some applications, like handles or knobs.

5. Cost:

The cost can vary based on the complexity of the application and the provider. However, in general, the price difference between polished and matte rainbow PVD is minimal. The choice between the two is often based on aesthetic and functional preferences rather than cost.


Both polished and matte rainbow PVD finishes have their unique set of advantages and applications. While the polished variant caters to those looking for glamour and shine, the matte finish appeals to those seeking a more subtle and elegant look. Understanding the nuances of both finishes can help in selecting the most appropriate one for specific needs. Whether you’re aiming for drama or understatement, there’s a rainbow PVD finish that’s perfect for your project.

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