Cerakote Finishing vs Anodized Finishes

There are many colors and finishes to choose from, when building and accessorizing a custom AR15. With over 13 different colors to choose from, 9 cerakote colors and 4 anodize colors, a lot of customers do not know where to start. First determine what colors you like, then choosing anodize or cerakote will help you narrow it down.

Cerakote finishing is a paint , that is sprayed then baked on. By baking it, it does allow the paint to become hardened, which makes is somewhat scratch resistant. It will hold up over time with normal wear and tear. However, it can be scratched or scraped, so hard use will show if the rifle is dropped or damaged. The paint has to be applied evenly, but the finished product is usually very smooth.

Anodize Finishing is a chemical finishing, that is embedded in the material. A standard AR15 rifle is a anodized black finish. So now instead of black, you can get that same factory finish in a variety of colors such as green, purple, blue, and red. Benefits of this finish is that it will withhold against cleaning chemicals well, and there will not be any possible scratching , paint run marks, or chipping. Sometimes the anodize colors will vary on each part, depending on the type or grade of aluminum that is being used. That is the only possible downside.

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