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AR-15 9mm Magwell Adapter Block (Discontinued)

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  • US Made
  • Stick Magazines
  • Lightweight
  • All Aluminum Body With Steel Inserts
  • Insert Converts Standard 5.56
  • Accepts Colt Style SMG Mags
  • Does Not Accept Glock Mags
  • Installs By Inserting In Bottom Of Standard Lower
  • Lower Receivers To Accept 9mm
  • Bolt Hold Open On Last Shot
  • One Retention Screw On Top Of Adapter and Two Set Screws That Lock Into Wall Of Magwell.
  • Anodized Matte Finish
13 reviews

13 reviews for AR-15 9mm Magwell Adapter Block (Discontinued)

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  1. Cecil Crawford

  2. Gray Webber

  3. patrickhealy91 (verified owner)

    Got this to replace a pro-mag adapter. I didn’t like they idea of having to remove the bolt catch to remove/install it. This guntec adapter works great! Not one issue at the range. Bolt held open like it should after the last round. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to use colt mags.

  4. John (verified owner)

    Have this adapter mounted in a PSA lower combined with an AR Stoner 16″ carbine upper and performed flawlessly. Put 200+ rounds of 115gr FMJ, 124gr FMJ, and Federal 147gr HP using ASC and AR Stoner mags. Have a couple of promag 25rd mags and they are much too tight and will not latch in the magwel.
    Also have a 10.5 pistol build using a PSA lower using Endomags. Lots of jams! Mounted the Guntech adapter in the pistol and it ran great.l, no problems.

  5. Nathan Comstock (verified owner)

    Mags are a bit tight and don’t drop free, but other than that it seems to work as advertised

  6. David

    Anyone know is this will work with Glock mags.?

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    I used this adapter in an AR pistol build on a James Madison tactical polymer lower, a standard milspec forged upper with Kaw Valley Precision AR-15 9mm BlowBack Bolt Carrier Group, A Ballistic Advantage barrel and KVP 7.5 oz buffer and heavy spring and Duramag steel magazines. It was my first 9mm build and I was apprehensive given everything I have heard and read on various forums about how finicky 9mm conversion builds can be. The Guntec adapter is made well and fit in well and once the set screws were tightened down, felt solid as could be. Mags slid in perfectly and dropped smoothly when mag release pressed and dummy rounds loaded and ejected fine. So I was cautiously optimistic when I went to the range for field test. I could not have been happier – it ran flawlessly from the first round. LRBHO functioned perfectly. I only had time for maybe 100 rounds but did not have a single issue. I was using FMJ Winchester white box. Will have to try other ammo the next time. Bottom line – I would not hesitate to use the guntec adapter – great product at a decent price compared to other adapters.

  8. roy robles jr (verified owner)

    Perfect! Not one problem….buy it !

  9. James keatts (verified owner)

    I replaced a faulty pmag adapter with this one and it works flawlessly. The customer service was great and I will be using Tactical Transition again

  10. Joe P. (verified owner)

    On an AR pistol build, using a new Anderson lower receiver, my old magazine adapter would not fit in the receiver. Now, I had used this magazine adapter in a couple of other builds, and had to do some filing to get it to fit in another receiver, but there is no way it was going in the Anderson. A little online research it seems I wasn’t the only one encountering this problem with the Anderson lowers. Took a chance, ordered this adapter, and it slid in with just a little plastic mallet assist for the last 1/4″. My mags lock in, the dummy rounds cycle fine. Can hardly wait to finish this build and get out to the range!

  11. Chris (verified owner)

    Great product works like it should Cokt Stickmag’s work perfect And last round hold open Works every time.

  12. Ryan (verified owner)

    Works great after I adjusted the extractor, ar-9’s can be finnakey. From my experience after building my first 9mm ar-15, make sure you get your BCG and buffer wait to 22-24 ounces. And get a longer buffer unless u want to add a spacer

  13. E.R.D. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and function, very happy with the product. The only slight issue which is not the products fault is the magazine catch fitment. The magazine catch because of the additional thickness of the adapter does not protrude far enough into the magazine. This was a simple fix, I just filed off a few thousands off of the the inside portion of the magazine catch arm to let it sit deeper into magazine well. I’m glad I chose this product because I didn’t want a dedicated 9mm lower but was concerned about bad reviews for other adapters but this one is great.

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